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Snowmobile Antics
Mar 24/11

Bubba on the phone to Yamaha from Temiscaming, trying to patent the new Yamashovel

March 27, 2005 The survivors waiting for the Gas Guzzlers to top up

Kevlar Lake claims another drive belt from Robbie K

Hoopie never wants to "Lead" - it looks like he can't follow either!

Yup, brand new and getting a trailside oil adjustment - oil sucker out of the crate

Lunch in Sturgeon Falls - Does anybody have any face cream for Stan's total fostbitten face?

As usual Wally not paying attention to fuel matters

AND - Proof that even a Genius can run out of gas aound Sudbury

Boys - Boys - You sure are glad that people always dispose of those single use gas cans beside the pumps. Jamie could sure chew through some fuel with that sled. Pretty Sled though!

Boys and their toys

Yup, been there done that

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to go sledding!


Ok Back up Back up Back up!

This was a bit of a mess. As Hank would say "Point 1135mph too fast"

Polaris with 92 miles on it running on fumes

Have a GOOD look Bubba!

O/K, The Polaris's are out of gas so where do we go from here

Hey Wally, watcha doin down there?

Better get the real Tractor!

Funny looking Polaris Watercraft

Who says you can't slice up an onion without crying, check out the Bobcaygeon method

Hank "Armand" checks out the very 1st Rev in 2002. He thinks he could add 1 to his stable if it only came in Orange!

Go hard the night before but stay back at the hotel if you can't be happy Grumpy

George's 80th Birthday
Nov 11/10

Our Father, Dad, Papa, Barney - George Poullos will be 80 on November 18th. Please help us celebrate!

We are having an Open House on Saturday November 20th. from 2pm - 8pm,
Dad would be thrilled if you drop in for a bit or stay a while. All old friends, neighbours, or customers are welcome.
Best wishes only please.
You may also send Best Wishes to

Holmes Foundation ATV Ride
Sep 27/10

Thanks to our friends and customers who combined pledge of $470.00 to the Holmes Foundation for Mark to ride in the 4th annual ATV ride in support of the Holmes Foundation on September 25, 2010. That was the 2nd highest pledge level at the event. The combined effort of all the participants in this years ride will ensure several more of our young Canadians get the technical training and job skills they would previously have been able to.
Sincere Thank You to ; Percy MacDonald, Terry Hope, Rob Davidson, Craig Flatley, Andy Knuth, Bob Draycott, Debbie James, Rob Phinnemore, Albert Hachfeld, Vito Manchisi, Chris Rastin, Dave Cockburn, Andrew Jonkman, Tom Pepper, Brent Maher, Joe Couto, Chris Howse, Mike McHale, Ken Sproule, Outdoor Power Equip, Rob Hooper


Team Canada
Mar 1/10

Congratulations to all our Team Canada Olympic Athletes, you have provided us with 16 days of Cheers, Tears and a lifetime of Pride & Memories.
Thank You!

Muskoka Snow
Dec 11/09
You might have heard rumors of large quantities of snow falling in Muskoka. This is one of our friends homes in Bracebridge this morning Dec 11 2009. More than 2 feet with another 1+ft expected. Merry Christmas!

Hey Franco, we still have a few good Large Snapper Snow Blowers in stock
Franco says" You know there's lots of snow when you see Groomers out on the road helping to clear them.
That is the 1st time I've ever seen that. It's a mess up here! Perfect snowmobiling weather! Get the Long Tracks out!"

2009 Sea-Doo
Aug 29/08

Super Sluth spy shots of the new 2009 Sea-Doo GTX + RXTS

You saw it here 1st. Sea-Doo Dealer # 7 in the World!

Definition of a Snowmobiler
Apr 7/08
If you like Snowmobiling clic here to see if this sounds like you or someone you know

E-Tec report
Jan 28/08
We finally got out riding again this weekend past. Friday we rode from Parry Sound through Kearney to North Bay, Saturday - North Bay to Temisquaming and back, then returned on Sunday from Parry Sound via Port Loring to Parry Sound.
We had 2008 Rev-XP 800R w/105 Fastrac ll studs, 2008 Rev-XP 600HO-SDI & 2009 Rev-XP 600 E-Tec both w/84 Fastrac ll studs. We logged 500 miles over 13 hours.
800R goes over the 120mph on speedo on ice, has a range of 140+ miles per tank of gas using 1l oil per 140 miles
600HO-SDI goes to 115mph on ice, over 100mph on 1ft powder, range of 170 miles per tank using 1l oil per 160 miles
600 E-Tec performs identical to SDI but used only 1l oil in 500 miles, including the 1st 5 hours were automatic increased consumption for break-in. It starts and run flawlessly with 1 pull - this sled technology is a real winner, you get to drive a High Performance snowmobile that weighs just over 400lbs that will go 1,500 miles or more without worrying about oil. The biggest bonus is that there is no smoke AND your clothing does not smell like oil.
** Additional Note ** Feb 19, 2008 - Now that we have several hundred miles on our E-Tec it is really starting to pay dividends. The fuel and oil economy had increased tremenously. When riding with our 800's the E-tec stomps them at the gas pumps, usually $10 -13 less per fill up. Huge - nearly enough to cover Hotel rooms if riding 160 - 200 miles per day.

Mar 10/07

Saturday March 10, 2007
Dads inaugural visit after 6 weeks in hospitals and 1 week at home.
Send any well wishes to, we will forward them to him.

How Light for 2008?
Mar 8/07
Have a look at this sneak peek at under the hood of a 2008 MXZ XP 800, notice
how low the engine is. BRP has been testing this shaft over tunnel design since 2004,
check out the drive shaft mounted disc brake, look at the tubular frame with cast alloy
connection points that is 37% stronger than the REV chassis. Notice the standard on all
REV XP - electric gas gauge sensor. How about 8" more forward foot room and a 1 1/2"
taller riding position with an even lower CofG ! 51 to 53 lbs lighter with 6 more HP 
Now can you say "WOW"

Now check out how much lighter it actually is. A sample weight comparison in lbs.
The difference is even larger when we compare 4-stroke machines against the Rev-XP

One of the Best
Mar 8/07
I just received this nice letter from BRP informing me that Outdoor Power Equipment has maintained the Platinum BRP Dealer status that we have held since 2002. You can take comfort in knowing that you are dealing at a dealership that has the top rating that only 54% of all the BRP dealers have. That means that almost every 2nd dealer is not certified. Clic here to read our letter from Mr. Robert Lumley, Vice President of Sales for North America, BRP Snowmobiles, PWC, ATC and Sport Boat .

Rev XP
Feb 27/07

Here I am test driving the 2008 Ski-Doo Rev XP prototype. It is awesome. I was one of the original test riders on the first Rev in 2002 and the experience is once again similar. How did BRP manage to make this sled so much better that what we thought was near to the best before?
I liken this Rev XP to a loaf of Sliced Bread, the 2003-2007 Rev is the next best thing to it.
This machine is a whopping 50 lbs lighter than a 2007 Rev. That makes the REV XP 107lbs lighter than a Yamaha Apex RTX - yes you read this right - 107lbs lighter. 68lbs lighter than an Arctic Cat F8-EFI and 41lbs lighter than a Polaris Dragon.
Plus the Chassis is 37% stronger. Oh yeah, the 800R PowerTec engine pumps out 151 horsepower.
Add to this new cool multifunction digital read back gauges with a standard electric gas gauge and the package is near perfect. Did I mention there is 8" more leg room. You can now ride with your feet forward, under or behind. It matters not. Your tush is still sitting in the quiet ride spot on this mass centered Ski-Doo and standing up on the Big Whoop de Doo's is even easier than before.
Don't even kid yourself that this is just a made over REV, in fact the only similar parts are the Ski's and 1 of the handlebar switches.
The REV XP also has variable rate heated grips and thumb warmers. Choose one of several windshield heights. It is also 1+1 seating ready.
She is all new baby. Cool - Comfortable - Lightest - Fast
Better plan on owning 1, I am.

See the new 2008 Ski-Doo's
March 24 - Timmins On - Cedar Meadow Resort
March 25 - North Bay On - Best Western Lakeshore
March 29 - Peterborough On - Trentwinds Conference Centre
April 2 - London On - Western Fair - Canada Building
April 4 - Barrie On - Georgian College Athletic Centre
April 15 - Kanata On - Bell Sensplex

Extreme Sports
Oct 23/06
Coming Soon to your TV. BRP Ultimate Playground. You can see Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am recreation vehicles put through some of the most grueling punishments. Starting this Saturday October 8th at Noon and 8:00pm.EST on Extreme Sports TV. Watch and Play.

Watch out for Mice
Jul 21/06

My Tractor won't start, this is what "0" maintenance can do for you. See if you can find the Mouse? How about the Magots?

Mattawa Snow
Jan 25/06

This is January 21, 2006 between Bonfield and Mattawa Ontario

NorthBay January 20, 2006
Jan 23/06

The annual Boy' Weekend 2006 was once again successful for most. 6-8" of fresh snow, more in Bonfield and Mattawa. Bonfield area is definitely the place to ride at this point in time. North Bay is just starting to groom and many trails are not ready yet. The weekend score was; Ski-Doo 18/18 riders - 100%, Polaris 2/3 riders - 66% , Cat 1/1 - Arctic Jim managed to survive a single ride of a meager few hours on the snow, Yamaha 0% - most have it figured out by now. Poor old Polaris Paul missed his 3rd consecutive weekend of riding due to his new "Leaky 05 Polaris Switchback" but did have an awesome day riding Jamie's 06 MXZ 800X for 150 miles. Saturday concluded with a lot of fun being had at the expense of Jamie's good nature as we pulled the best hoax in years convincing him that his sled had failed when under PP's guidance. Pictures below.

Paul setting out in the morning

The Hoax begins after a good day - Sorry for grinding your nerves Jamie.

Dad is 75
Nov 15/05

This Friday, November 18 2005 our Dad, George (The Old Guy behind the Counter) turns 75. Drop in (Dad goes Bowling every Friday afternoon) or send him your best wishes to


Open House
Apr 18/05

         Open House Today 9:00am - 3:00pm       Come on In!
             100 Free T-shirts to give away with any products purchased today.

It is getting closer - Our spring Open House. Mark your Calendars & PDA's - Friday April 22, 3:00pm until 8:00pm and Saturday April 23rd 9:00am until 3:00pm 2005. Lots of Deals, Factory Reps, New Products, Test Rides, Freebies and more.
************  Posted April 19, 2005
Just arrived - Cub Cadet Big Country - Drop by our Open House to test drive it.
Also confirmed today - Cub Cadet Diesel Tractor - come and test the quality.
Arriving daily - The 2006 Lawnboy Lawnmowers. We have been selling Lawnboy for many years - Drop in and take home the Lawnmower your Grandfather told you about! Many Lawnboy mowers are now powered by Honda Engines.
See a new Sea-Doo 3D - Talk to The Sea-Doo God - The Goose, our BRP manufacturer rep on Friday April 22nd.
***********   April 16,2005
Door Crasher gasoline lawnmower WOW ONLY $159.95 - limit 1 per person - 3 per day, Only this Friday at 3:00pm & Saturday at 9:00am!
Our Echo factory rep will be on hand to give you all the details and demonstrate the world renowned Echo Power Equipment.
We have a large inventory of Echo Chainsaw, Weed Trimmers, Brushcutters, Backpack Blowers, Tillers, Water Pumps and Concrete Saws in stock. All Echo Power Equipment meet or exceed the 2005 EDP rating of 300 hours, many of our competitors products only meet 50 or 150 hours.  Test Echo chainsaw's superior power at the Open House.
We have a large selection of 2005 Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft assembled on display, ready for a summer of fun on the water.
Just Announced SPECIAL - Purchase any Cub Cadet riding care products at our open house and receive;
1) Choice of 0% Financing for 12 months OR No payments or interest until September 2005.      PLUS 
2) Your choice again of either a Free Gasoline Weed Trimmer OR Free folding aluminum Truck Ramps.   PLUS 
3) A free Cub Cadet Jacket - Cub Cadet equipment must be purchased at our Open House this Friday & Saturday.
4) Free Outdoor Power Equipment T-shirt.
Talk to our Cub Cadet manufacturers Rep to find out why Cub Cadet is right for you!
FREE  T-shirt with any Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawnmower, Chainsaw, Weed Trimmer, Blower, Tractor, Rear Engine Rider, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Bombardier ATV purchased at our Open House
We can help you take home an Toro walk behind lawnmower with no downpayment, no payment and no interest for 90 days. You too can own a  Toro Super Recycler with the world renowned Toro Personal Pace self propelled system.
Bombardier ATV Adult Models get 6 mth warranty PLUS 30 mth extra B.E.S.T. warranty.
Just confirmed - The Fabulous new Ski-Doo Freestyle will be on display at our Open House. The first Snowmobile to meet the needs of Generation "Y". Talk about this fabulous snowmobile with our BRP Factory Representative.

 Don't forget it is all happening in Georgetown, at Outdoor Power Equipment this weekend Friday April 22nd & Saturday April 23rd.  More news and specials to follow.  ps: Don't forget to add yourself to our mailing list so you don't miss any good news.

Mar 7/05

Happy Birthday Bill, April 7th -  Go-Baby-Go

Mar 7/05

Yup he is 50. Got Beer! - got any memory?

Apr 15/04
We have the best selection of Toro and Lawnboy lawnmowers in Halton Hills. 10 models of Toro Lawnmowers in stock.

You can't get this kind of selection in any Big Box chain store! 9 models of Lawnboy Lawnmowers in stock.

No huge box to try to get home, no mystifying instruction sheet to read, no tools required when you purchase your new Toro or Lawnboy Lawnmower at Outdoor Power Equipment. We set up, test run and adjust every new lawnmower + Free Local delivery.
We stand behind what we sell. If by chance your new lawnmower breaks down needing parts we don't have we will supply you with a loaner while we get yours fixed with OEM Factory supplied parts.

SOS-Sled Insurance
Jan 14/04
Hello fellow snowmobile enthusiasts. Please clic on this supplied link to find out how the insurance crisis WILL put an end to organized snowmobiling in Ontario. You CAN help.

Ski-Doo Covers
Jan 3/04

We have quite a few original Ski-Doo machine covers for older machines. Examples: 1979 Citation, 1984-1989 Safari 377, 1989-1992 Safari Scout, 1992-1994 Skandic ll, 1994-1999 "F" body -H/W, 1985-1991 Citation LS, Escapade, 2003 Rev, 2004 Elite, plus all the current covers. Call for availability.

Sep 11/03
Ruth & George Poullos were married September 11 1953. 50 years ago today in Brantford Ontario. There are 4 children, Mark, Keith, Sarah & John. The whole family including 6 grandchildren lives in Georgetown and area. If you know Ruth & George give them a call or drop them a line to wish them well. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Personal Watercraft with unheard of Horsepower 
Aug 29/03
So you thought Rotax was tapped out at 185hp in Seadoo this year. Not - 2004 introduces an unheard of 215hp in the RXP. You have a choice of colours too. Rotax Yellow or the stunning new Apple Green. Supplies are limited so you better belly up to the bar and order one soon for next season or you will be sitting on shore regretting not getting one. Drop into Outdoor Power Equipment for all the details.

Jul 30/03
Bolens parts and service are still available at Outdoor Power Equipment. We sold more Bolens Mulching Lawnmowers than any other Bolens Dealer in Canada in 1988 . We respect and love the product, our lawns love Bolens. George, Mark and Keith still use Bolens Lawnmowers at our homes regularly. Don't let others tell you Bolens is gone. The name is still around and we continue to look after them.

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