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Four Barrell Daryl showing us how to "Puddle Jump"

Time out as Captain Matty spins a yarn

BRP can't touch this for the finest in winter wear.

Hoopie looks like his staple "Grilled Cheese" is on the way. Gervais in Sturgeon Falls.

Redneck - heck, just another non Ski-Doo owner with no money left after feeding
his beast Gas + Oil all winter!

Sometimes they appear to float

Sometimes they don't!

2008 near record snowfall - Too much weight to tow with, Jamie hoses her down!

Ever posed for this picture in the past?

Gee my driveshaft broke - Hmmm? for more driveshaft info clic here

We never get tired of this picture, Year after Year - 2008 version

2008 Boys Weekend - North Bay

Check out the size of the Actic Tool Kit - necessary for idler wheel removal before riding!

Following Wally everywhere!

Oh No Hoopie - 2nd time this year, at least someone had TP on board.

Some people use a rest stop to put in enough gas to travel 100 miles.

Wally that looks like a pretty rough trail!

I can still see our head wood chopper in the lead.

Factory adjusted to suck back a full tank of oil in 1 ride. Mark is making a trail side
adjustment to economy mode!

Summer of 2007

"Hammer" down Anski!

Nice Bike

What is wrong with this picture?
Unsafe snowmobiling practices Rock - No Helmet    -    Remember, Safety First!
Nice ride by the way!

When Mom (Michelle) & Dad (Glen) ride yellow MXZ's it is natural for Bully Dog to want one too!

Outdoor Power spies have uncovered a method to get better than trade in value for
your un wanted Non-Rev chassis snowmobiles. Has this been missing 30 days yet?

             Do you think she favours the "Yellow Camp"?

               Hey Hoopie, that is NOT a freshly groomed trail.

Another Outdoor Power spy shot. Could this be our new Canadian School Bus?

If you look real close you can tell which factory the 2 sleds with their hoods open
were built in!

Anyone know why they call this guy "Grumpy"

You would think Wally should be having more fun than this with 20" of snow.
Picture taken 12 miles W of Mattawa on OFSC "A" trail Saturday Jan  21, 2006.

J.A. Bombardier would be proud of this one

Super Spy photo's courtesy of Michelle

This summer we were able to obtain spy shots of the 2008 See-Doo secret project.
Check out the first Prop driven model. Remember you saw it first here!

How is this for Hat Model?   Dr.Of Style???

I just came in to purchase a wheel bearing, but am I ever happy with my new toy!

Rob, that was a pretty long lake to hold it to the pin on without some Outdoor Power Loving beforehand!
Good thing that looks like a brand new spare belt in the side cover. Bag up all those pieces for Good Ole "B" warranty!

Team Outdoor has just returned from another great weekend of riding. We stayed in North Bay and rode some real nice trails for 350 miles. The conditions were way better than we expected but with the weather man forecasting 16'C days and hot sunshine I can predict that  it is over for the season. I really enjoyed riding my 1000cc 2005 Mach Z this weekend. After applying some minor clutching and suspension tuning, my 2 cylinder Mach Z growls like a Pit Bull and takes off like a 3 cylinder on steroids.

                          North Bay, spring 2006

Yup, It"s Hoopie Bottle Feeding his ride after 131 hard miles. Tip: Know how far you can safely go!

Hoopie, I said "I would follow you almost anywhere"
Submitted by an OPE follower;
"Tea $2 Gas for snowmobile $30, Burger and Fries $15, Crossin the road and watchin Hoopie disappear in a ditch, PRICELESS"

Hoopies camera catches another memory, our Trail Boss 1st in line out of gas. 6 miles to go.
Can anybody say "Throttle Jockey"

Yup, 2nd in line trying to use more gas than the first guy. 3 miles to go.
Smile Jamie, your on Hoopies camera!
Thank goodness for windshield washer jugs, you guys should pack one flattened.

Hello, Patent Office, I swear it was my idea.

Herro, Herro, This is Bubba - I have new idea for Billion Dollar Patent - Quick attatch Yaha-Groomer
It's even a colour match!



If you are interested in the archives from 1996 Seadoo to present clic here .
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We were honoured when Ace & Diamond dropped into Outdoor Power Equipment after the 2003 Georgetown Santa Claus Parade.

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