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Power Tips

Tip #56
Water in your snowmobile Gas?
Mar 4/11

Tip #55
Purchasing a Grass Trimmer
May 18/10
Do you think a $79.00 Grass trimmer is a wise purchase?

Tip #54
4-Tec summerization
Mar 12/10

Tip #53
Ski-Doo E-Tec summerization proceedure
Mar 26/09
Can't get your E-Tec Ski-Doo to go into summer mode? Look here!

Tip #52
Backing onto your Snowguard ??
Mar 16/09

Tip #51
2008 Rev XP performance upgrade
Mar 7/09

Tip #50
2008 Rev XP Driveshaft
Mar 6/09
Ski-Doo Race bulletin 2008-5

Tip #49
Keep your mower sparkling for years
Aug 29/07

Tip #48
Torque vs Horsepower Explained
Jul 25/07

Tip #47
Extra Protection
Feb 2/07
Don't leave your protection at home!

Tip #46
Checking Carbides
Jan 31/07
Purchasing new Ski's can be avoided!

Tip #45
Why purchase a non-current vehicle?
Dec 30/06
You could save a lot of money!

Tip #44
Check over your sled
Dec 16/06

Tip #43
How to remove Pine Tar
Sep 14/06
Commercial Hand Cleaners won't cut it!

Tip #42
How do I know when is my chain dull
Jul 4/06

Tip #41
Towing behind Sea-Doo's
Jun 19/06

Tip #40
Make used of those fallen branches
Apr 21/06
Keep those weeds away

Tip #39
Never Ride Alone
Jan 25/06

Tip #38
Stay Safe
Jan 9/06

Tip #37
Draining your Sea-Doo Intercooler
Nov 25/05
Prevent freeze damage to your Intercooler

Tip #36
Are you tired of broken Credit Cards?
Sep 17/05
A Tip from Sue!

Tip #35
Time to get ready for Ski-Doo season
Sep 12/05

Tip #34
If you don't use you Sea-Doo often???
Jul 22/05
Do you want your Sea-Doo to last years longer?

Tip #33
Stay on the Trail
Mar 9/05
Don't chance a wet foot!

Tip #32
Please wait for that 1st ride
Dec 22/04
Don't cost yourself yourself!

Tip #31
Are you Killing your Fleece Clothing with kindness?
Dec 7/04
If it smells nice it won't work as good!

Tip #30
Don't poison our Lakes
Oct 18/04
Ever notice Oil film on your lake?

Tip #29
Time to get your Sea-Doo ready for storage.
Oct 13/04
Water does freeze!

Tip #28
Watch out for your Water Shutoff
Jul 26/04
Don't let you Lawnmower get bent out of shape!

Tip #27
Did you get a Pressure Washer for Fathers Day?
Jun 24/04
Don't pressure wash that lawn tractor too much!

Tip #26
Don't get caught with a tilted deck!
Jun 17/04
Do you see lines after cutting your lawn?

Tip #25
Cutting Long Wet Grass
May 25/04
Does your lawn look like a Jungle.

Tip #24
Keep that chain sharp!
May 17/04
Keeps the chips flying!

Tip #23
Beware of Mice
May 1/04
These mice don't work with computers!

Tip #22
Snowmobile storage proceedures. As promissed.
Apr 22/04
It is no secret - only work

Tip #21
Time to take care of your Ski-Doo
Apr 13/04
Don't oxidize your crank

Tip #20
Get that snowblower ready now!
Apr 1/04
Want to save some frustration next winter?

Tip #19
Mileage considerations
Mar 15/04
Don't push your buddy on a rope to the Gas Pumps!

Tip #18
Get that track running first
Feb 14/04
How to say "Good morning" to your sled

Tip #17
Use the recommended oil
Jan 21/04
Is it worth risking your $10,000.00 investment to save $4.00

Tip #16
Can't get the trail condition info you need?
Jan 14/04
Get your trail info from the locals!

Tip #15
Know before you go!
Jan 2/04
Ask first

Tip #14
Check that rewind starter
Dec 17/03
Don't get caught with the rope in your hand!

Tip #13
 Keep it covered - Keep it Clean - Keep it Beautiful
Nov 28/03
Keep your investment valuable

Tip #12
Putting your Lawnmower to bed.
Nov 6/03
Hope that Lawnmower starts again next year?

Tip #11
Time to get inside those clutch's
Oct 27/03
Have you been wondering what that rattling sound means?

Tip #10
Get that snowblower ready NOW!
Oct 16/03

Tip #9
Winter Lawn Fertilizer
Oct 9/03
Luscious Lawns in the Spring?

Tip #8
Get your Sled ready for winter fun
Oct 3/03
Procrastination can ruin your winter fun!

Tip #7
Get your Lawn ready for winter
Sep 15/03
Your Lawn will love you

Tip #6
Save yourself grief & money next season
Sep 10/03
Read this now to save money next year.

Tip #5
Getting back the Green
Aug 18/03
What is causing the brown spots on my luscious green lawn?

Tip #4
Parking your PWC at the Beach
Aug 12/03
Forgot your anchor? Not to worry...

Tip #3
Keeping your Sea-Doo fresh
Jul 28/03
Bilge Mildew can be a real nuisance...

Tip #2
Lawnmower Blade Maintenance
Jul 16/03
Stop ripping out your grass. Prevent brownish lawns by...

Tip #1
Make your neighbours ask, Why does your lawn look so good?
Jul 10/03
Be kind to your Lawn this summer and have a Lawn that is the envy of your neighbors. In this Power Tip, Mark explains some of the proper Lawn Maintenance techniques.


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