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Power Tip #1


Make your neighbours ask, Why does your lawn look so good?

Jul 10/03

Many people think they can have a Golf Course appearance to their lawns by simply cutting the grass short. This is incorrect. You grass will grow better, faster and more resilient to poor weather if you follow these simple rules.

1) Fertilize at least twice a year, Spring & Fall. Use correct mixtures for each season.

2) Use a Mulching Lawnmower. Most of the fertilizer rapidly ends up in the Blade of the Grass. It makes no sense to cut off the expensive fertilizer, bag it and throw it in the garbage. Mulching Mowers continually recycle the fertilizer back to the roots of the plants.

3) Never cut off more than 1/3 of the length of the Grass Blade at any one time. If you think about it, you may be able to survive someone cutting off your legs at your knees but how would you survive being cut in half?

4) Change your Lawnmower cutting height as the seasons change. Shorter in the Fall to prepare for the weight of frozen Snow & Ice. Longer in the extreme heat of Summer to the plants can preserve their precious water reserves.

5) Don't over water. Grass needs only 1 good watering each week, normal rainfall is usually enough except in exceptionally dry circumstances. Water only in the morning before the intense mid day sun starts to stress the Grass Plants. Watering in the evening tends to promote Grass Mold growth.

Reader Comments

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Jul 12/03 Bruce C., Georgetown
How often should you sharpen a lawn mower blade, and how important is it?

Jul 12/03 Frank M.,Georgetown
Thanks for the great tip. Can you recommend which fertilizer numbers to use in the Spring and Fall?

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