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Power Tip #10


Get that snowblower ready NOW!

Oct 16/03

You can tell it is coming, winter that is. Every morning there is Frost or even Ice on the car windshield. It is time to pull out that old Snow blower from the back shed. Do it NOW, while the days are still a little warm.
In order to insure that it functions when you need it most for that unexpected November dump of snow you must spend a little time now. Here is how!
1)Drain that old engine oil and refill it with 10w30 or 5w30 for easier starting.
2)Check that spark plug, a few dollars spent here might save a lot of frustration later.
3)Pull off the belt cover and inspect the Belts, Idlers and Springs. Replace anything that looks suspect
4)Check the tire air pressure.
5)Tip the unit up, remove the lower cover to look at the drive mechanism. You need to lubricate any chains or bushings.
6)Check the auger gear case oil or grease.
7)Put in some FRESH gasoline with Fuel Stabilizer added. Give her the old test run and check everything over.
That is it, other than - Make sure you visit Outdoor Power Equipment for a couple of spare Auger Shear Bolts. Bring a sample with you or your complete Model, Serial numbers.

Happy tinkering

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