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Power Tip #11


Time to get inside those clutch's

Oct 27/03
So your sled is a couple of seasons old now, still shining like the day you picked it up. But, you are noticing a little rattling noise under the hood when the engine is running. In all probability you should get a look at the inside of the clutch components. The Drive and Driven clutch have a variety of moving parts that are all associated with wearable bushings, sliders or O-rings of some type.
You need the proper Clutch removal tool to get off the Primary or Drive Clutch, them you simply take it all apart to look for loose or worn parts. The Driven Clutch usually comes off without the need for a puller but the servicing required is the same. If your performance was tapering off then possibly your one of the springs involved has lost its tension. Best to replace it or them now and enjoy as new performance once again.
Driven pulley cam shoe sliders need replacing every couple of years also.
Don't forget to check and align the Pulleys, that is the one very important setting that frequently gets ignored. Out of line pulleys will rob you of speed & performance and can cause rapid belt wear.

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