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Power Tip #16


Can't get the trail condition info you need?

Jan 14/04

You may be frustrated sitting at home watching it snow and wondering why you can't find somewhere reporting trail conditions. The problem is that no Snowmobile Club wants to report to the whole world that they might be the only place to ride. Thousands of snowmobilers will jump into the trucks and head to those trails. The club can't handle the traffic, the trails get destroyed and no one is happy. You best alternative is to back up a few years, do things the old way. Make some friends that you can call on for reliable local conditions in all areas you might want to travel too. Most Snowmobile Dealers or Gasoline stops on the trails are happy to give you the straight goods on their own area, but remember they only know about their immediate area. Hotels on the other hand might tell you things are good when they are not. This happens for 2 reasons, 1st - many of the staff at Hotels don't have any idea, they don't ride themselves, or 2nd - they have been given misleading info from management that just wants to fill their vacant rooms.
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