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Power Tip #17


Use the recommended oil

Jan 21/04
Every Manufacturer spends huge amounts of time and money testing their products for reliability and durability. Bombardier recommends using their own specified oils. Many people like to try to save money buy purchasing cheaper oils. Does it make dollars and sense to risk damaging or prematurely wearing out the engine to save approximately $25.00 per year when you invested $10,000.00 - $12,000.00 on your pride and joy machine. Even if you ignore the cost do you really want to risk missing 1 or 2 of the very few good weeks of riding.
Here is a story for you;
We recently had a new customer bring in an expensive 2 year old Ski-Doo snowmobile in with an engine failure. He said he did not know what happened. The engine was facing a $3,000.00 repair bill. When we started to remove the fluids from the machine we found no oil at all in the tank or the lines. The oil tank appeared to be 3/4 full. On inspection we determined that he had used Discount Store oil, the oil contained a strong blue dye that had discoloured the oil tank and all the lines, it truly looked like the oil tank had oil in it. The oil level light was not functioning and with a visual check it looked like lots of oil in the tank. That Blue Dye colouring is permanent, the only way to get rid of it is to change the Oil reservoir and all the lines.
For the sake of saving a couple of bucks, our customer had to spend $3,000.00 on engine repairs and new oil tank and lines so he could see the oil level in the tank again.

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