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Power Tip #18


Get that track running first

Feb 14/04
Now that everyone is out there touring and enjoying mother nature, here is a tip for those cold mornings when leaving your Hotel.
After a long day of riding, your sled gets a lot of loose snow built up under the tunnel that freezes to solid ice overnight. If you try to Get-On-And-Go you will likely do some damage.
First you need to get the machine started to warm up the engine. Next you should pick up the rear of the machine a foot or more and drop it to loosen the ice. You will notice that a modern lightweight snowmobile needs 2 good men to lift in the morning with all that ice packed underneath. Once you break the suspension free so that it will cycle up and down it is time to get the track moving. A piece of firewood under the rear bumper to suspend the track off the ground usually works good. Try your throttle gently a couple of times at first to see if the track will turn. Sometimes you will need to bounce it again. A good firm squeeze on the throttle now will get the track running with little belt damage. **Watch out for ice exiting from the rear of the sled, it can cause pain and suffering!**
Make sure the engine gets a good 5 minutes at least to warm up and circulate the coolant through the heat exchangers before pulling out.
Happy Trails

Reader Comments

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Feb 16/04 Mike M., Brampton
Great tips by the way ... i read them often...
I did notice that i am the only one in the group that does this ... i guess it from the old bogie wheel days ... we had to or we didn't move ... i just do it anyway.
here's a big hug for ya Mark .... Grunt! 

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