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Power Tip #2


Lawnmower Blade Maintenance

Jul 16/03

Bruce, thanks for asking. Lawnmower Blades need to be kept sharp and balanced. For the average residential household lawnmower the blade should be sharpened once a season. Sharp lawnmower blades cut the grass cleanly, leaving a nice finished look. A dull lawnmower blade will tend to tear off the grass blades instead of cutting them. A dull lawnmower blade will cause your lawn to have a brownish colour as the ragged ends of the grass blades dry out.

If  you have a lot of exposed ground or sandy conditions you will probably need to sharpen and balance more often. Soil and sand are not kind to Lawnmower Blades, the dirt wears away the top of the blade as if the blade was held under a sandblaster, if this occurs there is a danger of the lift wing of the blade breaking away while the blade is spinning at 3,200 rpm. This can cause serious injury to the operator or bystanders. Blade servicing is an essential part of your pre-season Lawnmower service.

Outdoor Power Equipment stocks more than 100 different sizes and styles of replacement Lawnmower Blades to fit most makes & models.

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