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Power Tip #20


Get that snowblower ready now!

Apr 1/04
Now that the snow is fading or gone you have one last chore to do with your snow blower. Do it NOW. Pull it out of the garage and wash it to get any dirt and road salt off it to prevent rusting. Check the engine oil and then start it up. Let it run until it runs out of gas, then bounce the machine a couple of times to try to move any remaining gas into the carburetor. Try to see if it will restart and let it run again if it does.
When you neighbours are laughing at your snow blower running with no snow on the ground, keep in mind you will get the last laugh next winter when they ask to borrow your snow blower because theirs wont start.
Now, take that can of gasoline and pour the remainder into your car or truck. It doesn't matter if it has oil mixed in, your vehicle won't care. Remember - get fresh gasoline before every season.

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