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Power Tip #21


Time to take care of your Ski-Doo

Apr 13/04
All right, your faithful Ski-Doo has treated you right all winter, it is now time to return the favour.
Remember that last ride at the end of March, that nice warm day that you scooted down that last slushy lake just before pulling onto the trailer for the last time. Ice, slush and snow are all WATER. Water causes metal to rust and corrode. Internal combustion engines and snowmobiles are made of METAL.
Sooooo, you need to properly prepare your snowmobile for a long period of inactivity. All the directions to do so are listed in most operators guides. You know, that little book you got with the new sled and promised your dealer you would read. Get it out and read it NOW.
Get prepared by purchasing some gasoline stabilizer, engine fog, metal protector, a grease gun and a bucket of your favorite wash/wax and set aside an hour or so, real soon, to put your sled to bed.
Check back here for the how-too's in the near future.

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