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Power Tip #23


Beware of Mice

May 1/04
Before you use your Lawnmower you should beware of the unexpected. Small rodents - Mice! If you keep your mower in a shed or separate garage you best beware of the sneaky little devils. They like to climb into the weirdest places. They always make nests in places that can't be seen. This picture is a lawnmower that was brought in for routine maintenance. If we had not found this under the engine cover it would not last long. The debris stops any cooling and often interferes with the engine speed governor system.

The following photo is of a Tractor mower that was quitting when hot. This mouse nest will cause it to get REAL hot and greatly shorten the life expectancy of an expensive piece of equipment.

Reader Comments

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Jul 14/05 James W., Rockland Maine
Anything available to purchase that will keep the mice away?
Answer from Mark: We use Moth Balls around the area and Spray everything with Bombardier Lube, it is a smelly light proctective oil that they hate.

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