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Power Tip #24


Keep that chain sharp!

May 17/04
If you are an occasional chainsaw user you might not realize that saw chains need constant maintenance. Every couple of hours of normal use the cutting edge needs sharpening. If you continue to use a dull chain you may notice you are getting dust rather than chips of wood while using.
After you sharpen your chain manually a few times you will want to bring it in to us for a machine sharpening to make it cut like new again.
If you cut wood that is not standing, that is wood that has been laying down for a period of time, your chain will need more maintenance. Dirt and dust on laying on the wood act like sandpaper on those expensive cutting chains.

A good tip is: Keep your old, worn chains to install on your saw when you know you will be cutting in less than optimum conditions, or when doing the unthinkable like trying to cut tree roots or construction demolition with a chainsaw.

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