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Power Tip #25


Cutting Long Wet Grass

May 25/04
If you are having trouble handling your lawns that are growing like wild while it keeps raining. There are several ways to handle the problem:
1) Walk very slowly letting your Mulching Mower slowly digest all that grass and water
2) Bag the heavy wet grass and dispose of it, this is foolish because a) most Cities won't pick up bagged grass from your curb anymore; b) you are throwing all those nutrients and fertilizer in the grass blades away; c) you might end up hurting your back carrying all that weight around.
3) Open up the mower discharge and let all the grass fly, that will look pretty messy but it is a good alternative.
4) The BEST solution is to raise up the cutting height of the mower to insure you are following the Cardinal Rule of grass cutting and only removing the top 1/3 of the grass blade. Cut the lawn, and then do it again in a couple of days at your normal cutting height.

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