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Power Tip #28


Watch out for your Water Shutoff

Jul 26/04
Every residential property has a Town water shut off located on it. It is many times found on the front lawn. If you hit it with your Lawnmower Blade you can cause serious damage to the mower. Often the cost to replace an engine crankshaft along with the bent blade exceeds the value of the Lawnmower.
If you have a water shutoff that needs lowering you can often call your water supply company who will send a service person over to lower the shut off valve cap.
The part that is sticking out of the ground is only a telescoping tube with a cap on top of it. It is not the actual water shut off valve. The effects of ground heaving and frost jacking have caused it to move up.
You can often remedy the problem yourself by placing a block of wood on top of the cap and then driving it back into the ground with a large hammer. Don't strike the valve cap without wood to soften the hammer blow or you might just crack the iron cap casting. Don't worry about the water line or valve, they are 4 feet below the ground, you are adjusting the height to the cover only.
Sometimes it just feels good to beat that nasty pipe back into the ground, especially if you have just ruined a perfectly good lawnmower because of it.

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