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Power Tip #29


Time to get your Sea-Doo ready for storage.

Oct 13/04
Now is the time to properly prepare you Sea-Doo personal watercraft for off season storage. If you prefer not to bring it to the professionals and want to try it yourself,  most operator manuals will give you the outline of any storage procedures required.
Here are a few tips for you to perform a bare minimum service. 
1) Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.
2) Remove any water from inside the hull
3) Fog the engine with storage oil.
4) Change the drive pump oil, if any water is evident in the oil you will need further service.
5) Check you operators manual to see if the model you own requires additional coolant water to be drained or if antifreeze must be added to protect from freezing. Many newer Sea-Doo units require this additional care.
6) Spray metal protector (Sea-Doo Lube) on all the metal parts.
7) Store with the bilge drains open to ventilate the hull.

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