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Power Tip #32


Please wait for that 1st ride

Dec 22/04
Hey you Snowmobilers. It has started to snow outside. We highly recommend waiting until there is sufficient snow cover before being tempted to head out on your 1st ride of the year. The reasons are many. 1) You will cause unnecessary wear to your snowmobile. 2) There are no soft snowbanks to absorb the impact of any accidental off trail forays. 3) Frozen pieces of ground may stick up and grab control of your ski's when not expecting it. 4) Many Farmers require sufficient snow cover over their crop surface before allowing snowmobiles to cross. 5) You will encounter water crossings that may tempt you to risk your life trying to cross before there is enough ice to safely support you and your machine if stopped. 6) Road sides do not have enough snow cover for snowmobiles yet and you will grind down your ski runners and studs. And more...
Ride Safely and have a Merry Christmas. 

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