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Power Tip #34


If you don't use you Sea-Doo often???

Jul 22/05
We have encountered several people with Personal Watercraft engine failures this season. Almost all we can attribute to poor long term storage procedures. In many cases the unit was stored at the end of the season BUT due to the bad weather last summer many watercrafts were seldom used, sitting around for several months not being used. You need to understand that personal watercraft are operating in a WATER environment, the water vapor naturally gets ingested into the engines while they are running. If left not used for long periods of time the engines should be fogged to prevent the ingested water vapor from rusting the interior engine components. Another very good way to help prevent the rust is to use a very high quality oil. All the Personal Watercraft manufacturers sell oil that is the very best available for their equipment. Many of the big box stores sell oil that is marked as compatible, while it may well be it certainly is not the best you could get. There are thousands of dollars of damage at risk by ignoring the needs of your craft, and,  it will most likely only break on the most desired weekend for you to use it. See you on the water.

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