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Power Tip #4


Parking your PWC at the Beach

Aug 12/03
It is always a good idea to carry a Sandbag Anchor on board your PWC. If the occasion ever occurs where you find yourself having to park at the shore without your Sandbag Anchor here is a tip. Shut the engine off while still knee deep in the water, get off and turn the PWC around so that it is pointing away from shore. Lift the rear of the craft as you pull it into shore. The aluminum ride plate at the rear of the boat is far more suitable for contact with the lake bottom than the fiberglass hull. When ready to depart, simply lift the rear and push the craft back into the water. Don't forget to push up and down on the rear a few times to dislodge any sand or gravel that may be left over from the beach before starting off. Happy Sea-Dooing.

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