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Power Tip #45


Why purchase a non-current vehicle?

Dec 30/06
I often get asked about the rationale behind purchasing a new non-current Ski-Doo.  The facts are:
1) The discounts are huge.
2) There is usually a manufacturer supported financing, extended warranty, free gas or cash back program attached.
3) You know what you are getting - not something abused or previously wrote off.
4) You are not buying what appears to be a good deal from a local well advertised used sled re-seller only to find out that it was a rental machine from another province or state.
5) You get a Brand New sled for slightly more than you would pay for a used one with history.
6) You can trust the indicated mileage as being "0", and you are not constantly trying to convince yourself that the used sled low indicated mileage must in fact be the true mileage.
7) If you purchase a new Ski-Doo you have the option of purchasing 3 extra years of BEST, factory extended warranty. You are not trying to collect on some insurance company issued warranty from a recently closed aftermarket company.

If you plan on riding your non-current sled for at least 2 seasons you win, you have saved 2 or 3,000 dollars, rode new with warranty and have a machine with lower mileage than others similar on the used market when you want to trade up.

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