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Power Tip #46


Checking Carbides

Jan 31/07
When checking your snowmobile ski runners it is very important to pick the ski right off the ground so you can see the entire ski bottom. We have recently noticed an alarming trend of Snowmobilers riding their 1 year old Ski-Doo snowmobiles until there is almost nothing left of the bottom of the ski. This is happening on machines with the newer Pilot Ski's. We believe that the owners are only glancing at the outside carbide runner that looks O/K and convincing themselves that the center runner must be in the same condition. Fact: The Pilot Ski is a center keel ski, the box center of the ski including the carbide wear bar is far deeper down than the outer cornering carbide. We have noticed several people riding until there is no center keel left at all. Those riders mentioned that the steering seemed a little "off" for the last couple of hundred miles. Purchasing complete new ski sets can be avoided, get some help, have someone else lift the ski while you inspect them every few hundred miles.

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