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Power Tip #5


Getting back the Green

Aug 18/03
You have lovingly tended to your Lawns all year, they were looking great - the envy of the neighborhood. All of a sudden you start noticing a few small brown spots. A couple of weeks later the spots seem to be growing larger at an alarming rate. Your friends and neighbors have all kinds of suggestions, too much or the wrong kind of fertilizer, not enough water, too much water. Probably the answer is simple - your luscious green lawn is a feeding ground for bugs. Most bugs and grubs live just under the turf and eat the tasty roots of your grass plants, killing the plant and turning it brown as it dies off. The answer is easy, go down to your local hardware store and get some easy to apply Bug killer Bug-B-Gone or some other brand in a hose attached sprayer. Early August is usually the best time to go after the pests. If you try to get them ahead of schedule you may not get them when they are feeding and you have wasted your money. Follow the directions on the label, use after a good rain or watering. The brown spots will probably need over-seeding with new Grass seed to get some of the new stuff growing.

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