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Power Tip #54


4-Tec summerization

Mar 12/10
To fully prepare your 1200 4-Tec Ski-Doo for summer storage we must consider our environment. We drive around on snow (frozen water) and then the machines sit idle for many months in a climate of vastly changing temperatures and humidity. We need to protect our machines from this environment.
1) Completely clean & polish the Ski-Doo.
2) Fill the gas tank completely with fresh gas while adding Ski-Doo Fuel Stabalizer.
3) Run the engine until completely warm in order to a) evaporate and move out of the engine any water vapour that may be lurking, and b) circulate the stabalized fuel throughout the system.
4) Change the engine oil & filter - We stock BRP maintenance kits for this job.
5) Change the chain case oil, again moisture builds up in the oil over time. Also the oil becomes saturated with suspeded metal fragments worn off the chain and gears. This is like continuosly circulating fine sand paper during use if left in the chaincase. Adjust the chain tension.
6) Remove the Drive Belt.
7) Using BRP Lube spray a coating of metal protector on the Pulleys, Shocks, Springs, Slide Rails, Clutch Cover, Ski wear bar fasteners and any exposed bright metal including rivets that may rust or corrode.
8) While you are looking over everything it is a good time to replace any loose or worn parts.
9) Disconnect the battery and remove it, it is a good idea to rinse out the battery tray with some baking soda and water to neutralize any acids that may be lurking around. Now either formulate a summer battery mainenance plan or just put it back in the sled and leave disconnected.
10) Store your Ski-Doo covered, in a dry place sheltered from direct sunlight.
You are done!
We do NOT recommend the old day practice of starting the Ski-Doo once a month.

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