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Power Tip #55


Purchasing a Grass Trimmer

May 18/10
Several times a week I have to explain to people about discount priced Box Store grass trimmers. The $99.00 or less gas powered grass trimmers that are piled by the front doors and cash register areas of Box Stores are impulse purchase items only, they are intended to appeal to the implode purchaser who can't pass buy what appears to be a good deal. They may operate as intended for a while but are not made to last a long time and are basically "Throw Away" items once broken. I will list some comparisons between what can be purchased for at Box stores and an entry level Echo brand quality trimmer that we sell.
                                          Green Label Box Store            Echo Brand dealer supplied              Effect
1) Single or Dual line           Single line - not balanced         Dual line -- Balanced         Less vibration + longer life
2) Line change or fill            Messy self wind up                  Rapid load head
3) Head Diameter                2 or 3 inch                              6 inch                                More cutting force, faster
4) Shaft length                      Short shaft                              Longer shaft                      Easier on back not bending over
5) Drive clutch                     No clutch-shaft and cutting       Clutch-you are only spinning                                                                    head turn while pulling to start      the engine while pull starting     Way easier to start + use
6) Engine durability rating     50 hours                                 300 hours                          Long life expectancy
7) Dealer set up                   sold in Box - not running          Set up, running + tested     No Hassle
8) Warranty                         6 mth to 2 years                      5 full years                         2 1/2 to 3 times longer
9) Service                            You are on your own              On the spot service            No hassle service
10) Life expectancy            Not worth fixing                      Indefinite                        Dependable, hassle free for many years
11) Price                              $99.00 - $169.00                  $179.00                           What do you think is a better Deal!

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