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Power Tip #56


Water in your snowmobile Gas?

Mar 4/11
Have you ever wondered how water gets into your Snowmobile gas tank when you have been careful to always buy from a known good source? Guess what, you probably never purchased gas with water in it. Have you ever parked your sled after a good day of riding with 1/2 tank of gas? Go out one cold morning and take the gas cap off before moving your sled and look inside. In all probability the interior of the tank above the liquid will be covered in white frost. The frost has condensed out of the air overnight as the temperature dropped. As soon as you start moving and the gas sloshes around and rinses it off - Bingo - you now have water in your gas. You don't even have to move it, sitting around part full day after day the same thing happens, the warm days heat up the tank and melts the ice frost where the water runs into the gas. Next, as the sun warms the tank it releases the excess pressure to protect itself. Then cold night comes, the warm air in the tank contracts and the tank vents some fresh air in to compensate. The process of condensation and liquidation happens day after day as long as the tank is not full. A small gulp of water on a real cold day is a killer to carbureted engines. It has cost many thousands of people engines. To minimize the problem:
1) Always fill up the tank at the end of the day
2) Regularly add a small amount of Snowmobile type Gasoline Antifreeze to help move the water through with no damage.

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