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Power Tip #8


Get your Sled ready for winter fun

Oct 3/03

Remember last spring when you parked your snowmobile after that last memorable ride? You promised yourself that you would get back to it soon and prepare it for summer storage. Remember? Well, if you did as many people do and just let it sit, now is the time to get serious. Much damage could have been happening over the summer. It is time to stop the sled gremlins that are probably at work. You need to get your hands dirty now!

 The greatest problem is inside the carburetors. Gasoline sitting in the float bowls all summer has by now turned into Green Goo or worse. It is imperative that you take them completely apart and clean them with carburetor cleaning solvent. Gasoline will NOT dissolve the mess. Sometimes thing are so bad that it is better to replace all the jets and inlet valves. Outdoor Power Equipment has most carb parts in stock. If you do manage to get your sled running with dirty carbs and "Take er out on the lake to clean er out", you will in reality, probably be cleaning out your Pistons and Cylinders. Ye ouch - Expensive - you bet.

It might be better for you to take advantage of the Skidoo offered Pre-Season tune up 20% discount coupon available in this years Skidoo Leader of the Industry magazine. Pick up the magazine at Outdoor Power Equipment if you did not receive it in the mail. Bring you Ski-Doo in for our professional, Pre-Season comprehensive tune-up before the coupon expires on October 15th  2003.

Reader Comments

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Feb 16/04 Mike M., Brampton
Great tips by the way ... i read them often...
I did notice that i am the only one in the group that does this ... i guess it from the old bogie wheel days ... we had to or we didn't move ... i just do it anyway.
here's a big hug for ya Mark .... Grunt! 

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